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Design Services

Along with designing our own products is also available to provide design engineering advice and consultancy. We strive to develop great ideas and bring them to market. By using 3D modelling software, printing and testing your product can be visualised, evaluated and taken on to the next stage.

3D modelling

When bringing a design to life the first stage is often sketching the concept but this has its limitations therefore 3D modelling is often a more time effective means of portraying an idea. At Ambicut we have the skills to quickly generate a 3D representation of your ideas so that it can be seen from all angles and evaluated it against your requirements.

Rapid prototyping

A key tool when creating products is generating scaled representations of the finished article. If these are small to medium sized (<0.5m squared) this can be easily 3D printed. If larger then either CNC milling/machining or an assembly of a number of prtints can be used.

Ambicut can provide expertise on the best method of prototyping and guide you on the various methods which would suit your desired material.


What use would a product be is it crumbled as soon as it were used? Although nothing beats creating a physical replica, by using CAD analysis tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) the shape and structure of every component or assembly can be assessed before committing to commissioning a prototype.

Many criteria can be quickly assessed using these tools from wall thickness to selecting different materials or grade of material to establish the best course of action to accomplish your goal. Ambicut uses Autodesk Inventor analysis tools to review your parts and form a plan for improvements. 

Technical Documentation

Once a design has been firmly decided upon and a manufacturing process selected, a complete set of drawing will be required to approach suppliers. Furthermore it is imperative that any user/service manuals and certification should be compiled to guarantee that the product is used in the correct manor.

Ambicut can supply a full range of documentation tailored to each job and role. 


3D assemblies provide a powerful tool allowing the ability to input the product in to realistic situations and evaluate how it performs or reacts. Creating simulation videos of the product in action can guide users or customers on the advantages of your idea.

Let Ambicut generate a simulation to demonstrate the benefits of your concepts. 

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