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The name BikeBoot was derived from the British phrase for a storage area in the automobile the 'car boot'. However, in this case, it is for a bicycle.

The BikeBoot allows the cyclist to store items, while on the move or while the bike is left unattended, in a secure and lockable purpose-built bag which is fixed to the bicycle using the existing bottle holder bolts.

Using the standard bolts found on almost all bicycles the BikeBoot will allow you to hold not only a sports bottle while cycling but also other items such as bike lights, tools, or any number of soft belongings.

While that already makes it more versatile than a normal bottle holder it becomes even more useful when used as a lock box. You can use the BikeBoot to hold a range of items securely within the 0.5 litre compartment. You could store many other items including inner tubes, speedometer or even a cable lock. 

A layer of durable, fire retardant (to BS5852) and waterproof fabric protects your items while also preventing the bolt heads from being accessed. A cut/slash resistant fabric (Cut-Tex Pro) inner lining and a steel reinforced seam protects your possessions from unwarranted attempts to access your locked bag. 

A 50mm wide heavy duty recodable 5-digit combination padlock will be provided to prevent unauthorised access to the bag. Being recodable it allows you to input your personal number. No need for a key! 

The bag is held upright using a poly-carbonate bottle holder whose flexibility allows for easy access into the bag.  

The lockable bike bag

For tips and advice on how to install your BikeBoot watch this video

BikeBoot 10MB-29
BikeBoot 10MB-2
BikeBoot 10MB-31

Waterproof & FR outer/inner shell

(protects your belongings from the environment, fire retardant to BS5852)


Cut-Tex PRO cut/slash resistant core lining

(protects your belongings from thieves)


Steel reinforced seams

(Kevlar thread reinforced with galvanised heavy duty staples)


Polycarbonate bottle holder

(suits any standard bottle up to 0.75ml)

Combination padlock

(Heavy duty & recodeabe)

On the go storage area

(holds tools and padlock whilst also holding a bottle)

Locked storage area

(0.5L available capacity, suitable for small items such as lights, tools, speedo etc.)

Prototyping & Testing

Since the original conception of a lockable bike bag, there have been numerous prototypes and subsequent redesigns to get to the current streamlined product. This has always been envisaged as a bag that would be located on the bolts of the bottle holder. Several designs for the bag were considered before arriving at the present versatile shape.

As the bottle holder bolt is integral to the function of the BikeBoot

it is essential that this is tested to make sure it cannot be easily removed either by stealth or by brute force. The design utilises an inner lining that covers the bolt heads once installed, preventing them from being removed when the bag is locked. Destructive tests were carried out on scrapped frames, in order to ensure that the bolts/threads are strong enough to withstand a brute force attack. Both steel and aluminium frames were tested and as you can see from the GIF on the right, even the aluminium frames can withstand a great deal of pressure.

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