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Phone Holder & Cable Dock


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PHerault is excited to launch the Mobile Phone Holder & Cable Dock for immediate sale.

Dock it – Charge it – Lift it


The product has been designed, manufactured and packaged in Brisbane. It will only be available in Brisbane stores (Miss Jimmy Jimmy & Dolly Dollsface) from 1/8/20.

Tired of searching for your charger cable? Want somewhere to hold your phone upright? This will solve both of those issues. It will dock your charger cable end, hold your phone and also allow you to pick up and use your phone while still charging.

Stick the ‘Phone Holder & Cable Dock’ to the corner of a shelf or table. Your charger cable end will be secure and close-by for immediate use. Dock your phone onto the charger, leaving it upright for hands-free screen viewing. If you wish to use your phone, simply lift it up and out of the holder. Unlike standard docking stations, your phone will remain attached to the charger until the cable is removed. The ‘Phone Holder & Cable Dock’ is available in two sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for almost all charger cable types, so you know your phone will be secure. It also comes in a variety of colours, including florescent green and glow in the dark. The ‘Phone Holder & Cable Dock’ is proudly made from biodegradable plant based plastic. This means that it is ultimately compostable. However in normal indoor conditions it will not breakdown or degrade and should last for over 15 years.

Peter Herault the founder and head designer of PHerault has said he is “delighted to finally get my first product on the shelves, especially one that solves such a simple problem but that people will enjoy everyday”.

Started in Brisbane in 2020, this product design company is striving to make life more efficient through innovative and new products. The ‘Phone Holder & Cable Dock’ is the first in a line of highly anticipated products that are expected to be released this year. One which is already creating much excitement, is ‘BikeBoot - the lockable bike bag’. This is expected to be available by the end of the year.



Glow in the dark


Glow in the dark



Glow in the dark



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